Ambulance Billing / Medical Records 

  • All ambulance billing services for Anna Fire Rescue are provided by Emergicon, a third-party billing agency contracted by the City of Anna. 
  • To contact Emergicon, please call 1-877-602-2060 ext. 1611 or fax 1-800-608-9457. 
  • Medical records may be obtained by contacting Emergicon by email.  
  • HIPAA Privacy Practices (PDF)

Public Information Requests

Should you need a copy of a fire report or you're requesting public information, visit the PIR Portal.

ISO Rating

ISO refers to the Insurance Services Office rating of a community. The Public Protection Classification, or PPC score ranges from 1 to 10 with the most desirable scores at the bottom of the scale. Currently, the City of Anna enjoys an ISO 2 rating.

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating is a reflection of our fire suppression and control resources and a lower rating is a better score. Some insurance companies use the ISO rating to set homeowners' insurance rates.  A lower ISO rating may reduce insurance premiums for some homeowners.  
Letter from State Fire Marshal. Print or email a copy to send to your insurance company.