The Anna Fire Rescue Training Division is overseen by the Assistant Chief of Training and EMS.

The Training Division has the responsibility to ensure the delivery of All Hazards Operations to include Emergency Medical Services to all residents and visitors. These services include but not limited to basic first aid to advanced cardiac and trauma life support, basic fire suppression to truck company operations. Additionally, the training section administers a comprehensive training and education program to meet all state and national standards for fire suppression and EMS personnel.

Training is an integral part of building an effective all hazards emergency operations department. Anna Fire Rescue has increased job performance standards, expectations, and has ensured that all state and federal mandated training hours are met or exceeded. In addition to these improvements, the department is increasing the level of training support to accomplish several additional objectives including:

  • certifying all firefighters at the paramedic level
  • certifying all driver/engineers and firefighters as driver/operators
  • certifying all driver/engineers as aerial operators
  • expanding the firefighter wellness program and improving fitness levels
  • creating a professional development program