Emergency Medical Services

More than 75% of all emergency calls involve EMS. City of Anna Emergency Medical Services include:

  • Point of contact with the medical director and all hospitals to which we transport patients
  • Maintenance and management of EMS protocols
  • Review all EMS calls to manage compliance issues with protocols and effective delivery of EMS services
  • Manage the Quality Assurance Program to make sure we identify quality issues that must be addressed on an individual, company or department basis
  • Manage the Quality Improvement Program that is responsible for making sure the techniques, knowledge, skills and abilities of our EMS response personnel are up to expected standards
  • Manage the EMS Training Program based on QA and QI results
  • Represent the city / department to the Texas Department of State Health Services, Regional Trauma Council and other regulatory and oversight agencies and organizations
  • Manage the pharmaceuticals and EMS supplies so we can account for all supplies and equipment necessary to deliver high-quality EMS services
  • Review all EMS reports for proper reporting procedures and take corrective actions as needed
  • Implement the directives of the medical director for changes to procedures, protocols and drugs that we are authorized to administer as well as other invasive and non-invasive medical procedures that are conducted in a pre-hospital environment
  • Manage the certification and re-certification process of all TDSHS certified employees

Ambulance billing

All ambulance billing services for Anna Fire Rescue are provided by Emergicon, a third-party billing agency contracted by the City of Anna.  To contact Emergicon, please call 1-877-602-2060 ext. 1611 or fax 1-800-608-9457.  Medical records may be obtained by contacting Emergicon by email.  

Hipaa policy
Ambulance Billing