Solicitor Permits

No Soliciting Without a Permit in the City of Anna

The City of Anna has an ordinance regulating solicitors, Article 20, Section 5 (Part II, Code of Ordinances page 48). The records Coordinator of the Police Department is responsible for processing Solicitor Permit Applications. To complete the application, fill it out completely, email it to Cynthia Lopez, or mail it to Anna Police Department at 120 W. 7th St. Anna, Texas 75409. Applications are also accepted during normal business hours for the Anna Police Department. Failure to complete can result in a soliciting permit being denied. 

If persons are soliciting in your neighborhood and not displaying their City of Anna Solicitor Permit, please call 911. Tell the call-taker that this is not an emergency. Vehicle description and license plate numbers are helpful as well as clothing descriptions of the solicitors.