About Us

History of Department

The Anna Police Department was created by ordinance in 2004. The city council searched for a Chief of Police and found Kenny Jenks who had recently retired from the Killeen Police Department with over 20 years of service. The police department officially started taking calls in 2005. In true law enforcement fashion, the first day was a busy one, with a domestic disturbance in the Old Town area of the city that turned into a barricaded person. Luckily the newly appointed officers were able to resolve the incident peacefully.

In the original formation of the department, there were four sworn officers, the Chief of Police and three officers. Currently, the police department has 32 sworn officers and two civilian employees. Two new Ford Crown Victoria (Crown Vics) for patrolling the streets came with the new officers. Additional vehicles were requested but had not come in. A new citizen of the city heard of this and spoke with their brother who was a Lieutenant with the Azusa California Police Department outside of Los Angeles. Working with the Police department and the City of Azusa two of their decommissioned black and white crown vics were donated to the police department. They were shipped to their new home in Texas where they were upfitted to serve the neighbors of Anna. During that time the cars and patches showed the phrase “Community First.” This was to remind the officers that when they used their discretion, they were free to decide what was best for the community in their day-to-day decision-making. This idea has stood the test of time and still rings true in the mission of the department.

The city was provided with on-duty officers working 10-hour shifts that were divided into days and evenings. This left no officers on the street for about four hours a day but was supplemented with officers “on call” along with assistance from the Collin County Sheriff's Office. As time went on (2006) additional officers were hired, and the patrol division moved to 12-hour shifts to have 24-hour coverage.

Anna Police officers have had a variety of police stations here in Anna. The first PD was at 218 4th Street, a converted house located at the northeast corner of 4th Street and S. Powell Parkway. Later it moved to 101 S. Powell Parkway into the old Independent Bank Building (now 3 Nations Brewing Anna) That location was shared with a variety of city departments over the years as the city grew until 2022 when all police services moved into the newly constructed City Hall at 120 W. 3rd Street.