The City of Anna offers competitive salaries for employees, including police and fire department personnel. Through market studies and salary surveys, we update the following pay plans to fairly compensate our employees.

FY 23-24 Fire Department Pay Plan

FY 23-24 Police Department Pay Plan

Compensation Philosophy 

Our compensation philosophy includes the following elements:  

  • Philosophy 1: Establish the market, defined as cities located in whole or in part in Collin County, as these cities are the competition for employment in our region.  
  • Philosophy 2: Maintain pay ranges and step plans with the intent on being relevant and competitive in the Collin County Market, reviewing these for such annually, working towards the 50th percentile, weighted for organizational size and population served.  
  • Philosophy 3: Maintain a merit system of compensation, whereby employees are compensated for performance, targeted at 3.5% maximum for the highest performance rating, providing for performance improvement plans and deferrals for low performers not meeting expectations, yet encouraging excellence by tying salary increases to performance.  
  • Philosophy 4: Maintain a retention system, for encouraging senior and long-term employees, rewarding longevity, consistent with system internal equities, inclusive of longevity pay, incremental adjustments based on tenure, and lump sum payment when achieving the top of scale or step, not to exceed $2,000.  
  • Philosophy 5: Maintain a promotional vacancy practice providing for no less than a 3.5% increase for promotions (or the next highest step, if in a step plan)  
  • Philosophy 6: All stated strategies herein are subject to annual funding availability, and not a guarantee of future compensation.