Neighbors Participation at Meetings

Procedures and Rules

  1. All regular Anna City Council meetings include the agenda item, “Neighbors Comments.” During this time, anyone wanting to address an item or topic not listed on the agenda may do so. Also, anyone wanting to address an agenda item or topic listed on the agenda may do so, except for items that include a public hearing. For items associated with a public hearing, those wanting to speak may do so during the public hearing. The City Council asks that speakers be courteous and respectful in their remarks.
  2. Those wanting to speak on any subject, including “Public Hearings” are asked to fill out the Speaker Sign-In Form (PDF). The completed Speaker Sign-In Form should then be given to the City Secretary prior to the beginning of the meeting.
  3. If you have written notes or handouts you wish to present to the Presiding Officer and City Council, provide ten (10) copies to the City Secretary.
  4. The Presiding Officer will then call on each speaker to approach the City Council during the portions of the meeting titled “Neighbors Comments” and “Public Hearings.” Each speaker is limited to three (3) minutes to address an item during a public hearing. Note that persons speaking under a “Neighbors Comments” period shall limit their comments to no more than three (3) minutes regardless of the number of topics/items addressed by the person. The length of time for each speaker to address the Council may be less than three (3) minutes depending on the number of individuals who have signed up to speak.
  5. In situations where a large number of neighbors representing a certain delegation have signed up to speak, the Presiding Officer may ask the group to designate a spokesperson to present the group’s comments to the council.
  6. Visitors shall observe rules of decorum and courtesy and speak only upon recognition by the Presiding Officer. Neighbor remarks shall not be related to any individual Council Member, Staff member, or other neighbor. No formal action can be taken on any issue not listed on the agenda. Disorderly conduct and conduct disruptive to the proceedings may result in an individual’s departure from the proceedings.
  7. Once the City Council has proceeded to the next agenda item following “Neighbors Comments” and “Public Hearings", no one will be allowed to address the City Council unless asked to do so by the Council.
  8. As a general rule, and subject to rules for public hearings, citizens and visitors may not participate in the discussion of the City Council.
  9. Neighbors who have questions about City Council procedures or the Speaker Sign-In Form (PDF) may ask for assistance from the City Secretary, City Manager, or other staff members.