Building Department

Roll-off Dumpsters

All roll-off dumpsters for your projects must be obtained from CARDS Dallas. CARDS is the exclusive Solid Waste Provider for the City of Anna. 

Use of non-CARDS roll-off dumpsters will be in violation of city ordinance and subject to the issuance of a stop work order, fines, and/or penalties. 

To schedule a dumpster delivery, please contact CARDS at 877-592-2737 or by email

Construction Guidelines in the City of Anna

building dept

Construction hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. No work is permissible on Sundays.

building dept 3Each development must have a specific concrete wash-out station.
building dept 1

Refuse containers must be on-site during construction until it is no longer practical. Trash fences must be installed.

building dept 2

No construction dirt, supplies, or materials may be left on the street during construction. 

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Portable restrooms must be available for workers and kept in good condition. 

building dept 5

The city noise ordinance prohibits loud music near residences.