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National Night Out 2023

  1. Request for Street Closure
  2. Request for barricades?

    Please note supplies are limited and all requests may not be fulfilled. 

  3. Will you be serving any of the following?*
  4. Will you have a food vendor at your event?*
  5. Would you like a visit from any City Services or Elected Officials?
  6. Would you like to enter a drawing to use the Neighborhood Engagement Block Party Trailer?*
  7. Would you be interested in being a Block Captain for Neighborhood Watch?*
  8. Noise Ordinance*

    If you are going to have outdoor entertainment, you must comply with City and State Noise Ordinances. The City Noise Ordinance #87-2003 states that outdoor music shall not be heard 50 feet or more away from the party location. This Ordinance also states that there should not be any vulgar or foul language that might offend anyone in your neighborhood.

  9. National Night Out 2023

    Please understand that the street must remain clear from the passage of emergency vehicles. All items including bounce houses, a stage or games must be off the concrete and away from fire hydrants.

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