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Neighbor Academy Survey

  1. Which sessions were you able to attend?
  2. We tried to balance our Neighbor Academy sessions between traditional department presentations that are typical of programs like this and activities that demonstrate what our staff and public officials do. What's your perspective on how many presentations and activities we had?
  3. Based on other surveys we've taken during meetings like Telephone Town Halls, we've found that a week night is most accessible for neighbors to attend Neighbor Academy as opposed to a weekday afternoon or a weekend afternoon. In the future, if we have multiple sessions per year, we may have multiple time slots. Regarding time, one thing we'd like more feedback on is the amount of sessions and the length of each. What's your preference on how many sessions are held and how long they are?
  4. This year, our class size was a bit limited by space. Next year, the new City Hall will be open and we'll have more flexibility. How many cohort participants do you think is ideal?
  5. For example, a tour of the water treatment facility or a presentation from Municipal Court. 

  6. What were you most hoping to get out of Neighbor Academy?
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