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The original item was published from 2/19/2021 12:41:00 PM to 2/19/2021 8:52:44 PM.

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Posted on: February 16, 2021

[ARCHIVED] Ongoing Water Information

Water Information Image

Neighbors, as we have more information on the local water situation information will be updated here as well as on the City's Facebook. Please reach out to us using our "Contact Us" form or by emailing and with any questions. We will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Morning 2/19/2021 Update

The City currently has water pressure across town and we have not seen a hydrant without water since yesterday morning. If you do not have any water currently it is due to your line being frozen. The thaw is beginning today and it will take time for your line to unfreeze.  Keep faucets open, cabinets open, and heat going to help.

Evening 2/18/2021 Update

Since yesterday afternoon the City of Anna has been able to maintain consistent power at all pump stations and we continue to be primarily on treated surface water from Greater Texoma Utility Authority. All parts of the City now have at least 15 psi of system pressure, with most neighborhoods at 20-30 psi.  Meadowview and Northpointe (higher elevations) are seeing the lowest pressure.

We hope to achieve consistent pressures above 25 psi for all Anna neighborhoods by the end of the weekend, and hope to rescind the boil water notice by Tuesday of next week. Overnight, our staff will be conducting light flushing to continue to improve water quality, repairing disinfectant feed lines at well sites, and responding to any emergency calls for assistance.

All this is to say that the City’s infrastructure avoided what would have been a major setback today when we received word that GCEC would be conducting rolling blackouts. Thanks to the all-day efforts of the City’s Emergency Managers Mayor Nate Pike and Fire Chief Ray Isom, the City of Anna was able to get in contact and work with Congressman Van Taylor, the Office of Congressman Pat Fallon, State Senator Drew Springer, House Representative Scott Sanford, and County Judge Chris Hill to  protect the critical infrastructure and pump stations from the rolling blackouts that recommenced. These efforts, and protection of our infrastructure, will allow our water systems to gradually continue their improvements, restoring safe water pressure sooner as well as building up our water reserves. 

As mentioned, the City remains under a boil water notice. The City will continue to do a daily bottled water distribution until the boil water notice is rescinded and as long as the City is able to secure bottled water from our regional partners.

Evening 2/17/2021 Update

Wednesday afternoon the City started to see a more consistent supply of electricity to our water facilities, allowing us to improve the flow of water into the mains and our storage tanks. 

Currently we are operating almost solely on purchased water from the Greater Texoma Utility Authority, as most of our wells are out of service and were damaged by extreme temperatures. Beginning today, we will have more reasonable temperatures that will allow us to begin thawing and repairing these systems and bring them back online.

We are beginning to see water pressures rise in the southern, central, and western portions of the City. As this continues, our neighbors in the northern areas will begin to see water flow in their systems as well.

During the re-pressuring of the system, it is important to leave faucets slightly open to allow air to clear from the lines. Once you see consistent water flow, please reduce to a slow drip.

Many neighbors may have frozen pipes, which can block flow. Leaving the faucets slightly open will allow the water to thaw the ice and remove air.

If you find a broken pipe in your system and require assistance to turn off your water, please contact the Public Works on-call line at 214-585-7725 and we will assist.

Afternoon 2/17/2021 Bottled Water Distribution

Bottled water distribution will began at 4:30 PM today, February 17, for residents of Anna at the City’s Public Works Building (3223 N. Powell Parkway). There is a limited supply of bottled water and they will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis, with one case per vehicle. Highway 5 is safe to travel but please exercise extra caution. The distribution will run until 6:30 PM tonight. Please see the attached map for flow of traffic when picking up your water.

Noon 2/17/2021 Update: Water Pressure Increasing

Water pressures are starting to climb in the system. If you do not have water, please keep cold water faucet valves open. Do not shut off supply line at meter or at house unless you have an obvious break. Having the faucets open will ensure that when systems start to come back online that it will reduce breaks and will air out of lines.

Morning 2/17/2021 Update

The City has been with power at our well sites the past couple of hours. Public Works crews have been filling the ground storage tanks and prepping the system to begin pumping additional water into the system and into the elevated storage tank. If you have water, please do what you can to conserve it to allow the City to get the system back up to the adequate water pressure needed. 

An important reminder that we are still under a boil water notice.

2/16/2021 Warming Centers

Two warming stations in Anna have been established for the night. Both First Anna (210 W. Third Street, Anna, TX 75409) and Pin Oaks Christian Fellowship (2620 County Road 1106, Anna, TX 75409) are operating on generators and will be open and staffed by volunteers throughout the night to serve as warming centers. Bottled water supply is limited at both places. Please bring blankets, pillows, snacks, and any water you may have for you and your family. The Red Cross has been in touch with City officials and the Red Cross anticipates that they will be able to provide sleeping cots to the warming centers tomorrow.

As a reminder, if you are at home or leave for a warming center, it is important that you open all the cold-water faucets in your household until you see a water trickle. If you don’t have any water, keep the faucets open in the event we are able to supply pressure and to avoid bursting pipes.  

Finally, as the winter storm approaches tonight please be safe if you’re on the roadway by using extra caution. As throughout all of this, first responders are on duty and ready to respond to a medical emergency.

2/16/2021 Bottled Water Distribution 

Neighbors – Bottled water distribution has begun for residents of Anna at the City’s Public Works Building (3223 N. Powell Parkway). There is a limited supply of bottled water and they will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis, with one case per family. The Texas Department of Transportation has been out treating Highway 5 and it is safe to travel. The distribution will run until 6:30 PM tonight.

Afternoon 2/16/2021 Update 

Neighbors – With more winter weather arriving tonight, temperatures remaining below freezing, and power companies struggling to provide basic power to this region, we are working with our regional food pantries and shelters along with the Texas Department of Emergency Management  to gather as much bottled water supply as we can. Once we have a collection we will distribute the water from the Public Works Building at 3333 N. Powell Parkway and we will notify neighbors when they may come pick up supply. As other cities are also losing power to their critical infrastructure, including water pumps, bottled water demand is high in the region and food pantries are being stretched thin.  As we work to gather supply, we strongly advise neighbors to do what they can to procure water where they can and when they can before the second storm comes in tonight and until the power grid improves.

Staff and City Council continues to do what we can with the limited power being generated to restore water supply pressure. If you are home, it is important that neighbors open all the cold water faucets in their household until you see a water trickle. If you don’t have any water, keep the faucets open in the event we are able to supply pressure and to avoid bursting pipes.  

Please be advised that cell service in the area is also being affected by the disruption to the power grid. We ask all neighbors to help by sharing this message.

Mid Morning 2/16/2021 Update 

Neighbors – As we continue to work with our power supply partners to reestablish our critical infrastructure and water pumps to generate water distribution, we in the meantime are currently working to gather large supplies of bottled water that can be distributed throughout our community. We are in the process of establishing the logistics of distribution and will be sending out information once it’s been established. We will provide any updates as we receive them from Oncor and GCEC.

Early Morning 2/16/2021 Update 

A boil water notice has been issued for the City of  Anna.

The City is currently working with Oncor, Grayson County Electrical Cooperative, and the Texas Division of Emergency Management to provide a consistent power supply to run the booster pumps and fill the elevated storage tanks to restore adequate pressure to the system. Until such time as reliable power is provided, the City will continue to rotate generators and staff to fill elevated and ground storage facilities to the extent possible.

Late Night 2/15/2021 Update

Neighbors – Our Public Works crews are working around the clock and throughout the night to maximize our system’s water pumping ability as we experience rolling outages from Oncor and GCEC. We are asking Oncor and GCEC for much needed assistance to provide more consistent power to our critical infrastructure and to keep water lines pressurized. We will keep everyone posted on the status of our water system.

Evening 2/15/2021 Water Information 

Neighbors – We have received information from several individuals expressing concerns with water pressure and in some cases no water service. Public Works crews are monitoring water levels and pressure and following up on calls received.  We are making sure that water pressure in our system is meeting state standards. Due to the Oncor outages, we have multiple pumps in our system without power. This has resulted in lower than normal water pressure in our system. We are hopeful Oncor can restore service to these facilities soon so that we can return to normal operating pressure. If you are entirely without water at this time, it is likely that your exterior water service line has frozen due to the historically low temperatures we are seeing. Public Works will continue to check system pressures in all subdivisions as we move forward.

We are in contact with all service providers and suppliers of franchise utilities. All providers are doing what they can to provide power, but the impact is statewide and extensive. There is no local capability to generate power to the grid. Franchise utility companies are concentrating their efforts on keeping hospitals and emergency facilities connected. Phone reception and ability to make calls may also be impacted. We will provide any updates we receive from our service providers regarding estimated time of power restoration and service for residential neighborhoods.

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