Active Engineering Projects

Intersection of County Road 371/County Road 376 and State Highway 5

Background: After assessing the intersection and determining a signal was warranted, TxDOT completed a traffic signal in June. However, whenever a signal is within 200 feet from a railroad crossing, TxDOT must work with the railroad company to install preemptive facilities (i.e. sensors, gates) to ensure the crossing and signals interact.
TxDOT worked with the Dallas, Garland, & Northeastern Railroad (DGNO) railroad company and executed an agreement in April 2021 to install preemptive equipment. DGNO purchased and ordered the equipment, but it remains stuck in a supply chain issue. They anticipate they will be able to install the gate and sensor in mid-December, at which time TxDOT can begin full operation of the traffic signal.
TxDOT does not plan to turn the signal on to full green-yellow-red operations until these are installed due to the high risk that someone could get stuck at the railroad tracks on a red light when a train is approaching. 

Update 11/18/2021: In coordination with the City of Anna and Collin County, TxDOT will transition the lights to blinking red to create a four-way stop as interim arrangements to improve the safety at this intersection until DGNO completes its installation. The four-way stop will activate on Monday, Nov. 22, 2021. 


Rosamond Parkway Road Closure

Project Description: LGI’s utility contractor will be installing new box culverts under Rosamond Parkway at the creek between Anna High School and Slayter Creek Park. Due to the size of the culverts, the City of Anna will have to completely close the road and remove/re-pave a section of the road. 

Timeline: Dec. 18-23, 2021


Ferguson Parkway

Project Description: Construct 1.2 miles of roadway connecting Ferguson Parkway between Taylor Blvd. and the Collin County Outer Loop (CCOL). Road is a future 6-lane divided parkway with 120’ of right-of-way. Phase 1 would construct 2 concrete curb and gutter lanes and include a 3-lane bridge. This project is a top priority due to the connectivity to two regional roadways (FM 455 and the CCOL). The project moves traffic to our population center without having to use the congested intersections of FM 455 at US 75 and FM 455 at SH 5.

Budget Impact & Funding Source: Ferguson Parkway (pdf)


State Highway 5 Utility Relocation

Project Description: Relocate and expand public water and wastewater system along SH 5. Phase 1 is to the south, and Phase 2 is to the north; required for SH 5 widening.

Budget Impact & Funding Source: State Highway 5 Utility Relocation (pdf)


Taylor Boulevard

Project Description: US 75 to Ferguson Parkway; major road expansion with number of lanes and configurations to be determined.

Budget Impact & Funding Source:  Taylor Boulevard (pdf)


US 75 Utility Relocations

Project Description: Water and wastewater lines must be relocated in order for the reconstruction of US 75 up to the Grayson County line to be completed.

Budget Impact & Funding Source: US 75 Utility Relocations (pdf)


Wastewater Treatment Plant Permitting and Designs

Project Description: New wastewater treatment plant on Hurricane Creek tributary of the Elm Fork of the Trinity River.

Budget Impact & Funding Source: Wastewater Treatment Plant Permitting & Design (pdf)