Active Construction Projects

City Hall Municipal Complex

Project Description: The new Municipal Complex will provide a centralized location to interact with all City services except for Public Works. The current fire station, built in 1967, has had several additions and renovations and has served the community well. It, however, is currently not efficient or effective in serving the community for the long term. A new facility incorporating drive through apparatus bays, offices, storage, administrative & training areas, crew quarters and amenities is greatly needed.

Budget Impact & Funding Source: City Hall Municipal Complex (pdf)

Foster Crossing Road

Project Description: Adjacent to Pecan Grove Phase 2 and Phase 4; construct northern 2-lanes of a future 4-lane road.

Budget Impact & Funding Source: Foster Crossing Road (pdf)

Trailer Mount Generators

Project Description: Backup generator system (3) for severe weather events to protect the public water system.

Budget Impact & Funding Source: Trailer Mount Generators (pdf)

Johnson Park Improvements

Project Description: Johnson Park is in poor condition. It is out of date and looks like it belongs in another era. The park desperately needs to be redeveloped and modernized. Improvements that need to be made include new baseball fields, fencing, playground upgrades, and parking upgrades.

Budget Impact & Funding Source: Johnson Park Improvements (pdf)

Slayter Creek Park Improvements

Project Description: Several broken sidewalks need replacement at Slayter Creek Park. Four concrete panels and the foundation at the concession stand needs repair, as well as improvements to the drainage surrounding the concession stand. The drainage along the trails at Slayter Creek Park from Rosamond to Hackberry needs improvement. The parking lot at Slayter Creek Park needs sealing and repainting. A metal ceiling is needed at the Slayter Creek Park pavilion. The splash pad needs a refresh, a new slide and more vibrant water features that allows more sensory experiences and play for a wider range of ages. Other additions could include pickleball court, a tennis backboard at the tennis courts for single player practice and an outdoor basketball court.

Budget Impact & Funding Source: Slayter Creek Park Improvements (pdf)