Municipal Court Fine Schedule

Please Read - PAYMENT BY CASH, CHECK, OR MONEY ORDER ONLY - we do not accept credit cards, debit cards, or payments over the phone. If you wish to use a credit card you can contact TRAFFICPAYMENT.COM at 800-444-1187 to pay with a credit card. They will charge a convenience fee.

Please note that if you are going to pay your fine by mail, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CALL THE COURT! 

Pay online or call 1- 800-444-1187. Please read the entire page on before you attempt to pay. Defensive driving fees, deferred disposition fees, or compliance fees are not accepted through These payments require additional paperwork, and therefore, must be paid directly to the court. Warrants can be paid through, but you must first contact the court for the full amount that you owe. will only accept FULL payments for violations or warrants. Partial payments are not accepted. 

Speeding Violations NOT in a School Zone are as follows: 

Violation                                   Fine Rate                                                                        
                            Violations On or After 01/01/2020
1-10 mph over                                                  $210                                                                                     
11-20 mph over                                                  $250                                                                                     
21-30 mph over                                                  $330                                                                                     
31- over mph over                                                      $334

Speeding Violations in a School Zone are as follows:


Violation                                           Fine Rate                                                                     
                                   Violations On or After 1/01/2020
1-10 mph over                                                      $270                                                                                   
11-20 mph over                                                      $325                                                                                  
21- over mph over                                                      $359

Other Moving Violations are as follows:

Violation            Fine Rate                                                               
   Violations On or After 01/01/2020

Failure to yield, right-of-way                  $235                                                                        
Ran stop sign, red light, or flashing red light                  $210                                                                         
Driving on wrong side of the road, not passing                  $195                                                                        
Failure to control speed                  $235                                                                         
Fail to signal intent                  $185                                                                       
Fail to stop for school bus                  $660                                                                         
Fail to drive in single lane                  $185                                                                         
Failure to dim headlights                  $185                                                                        
Following too close                  $185                                                                        
Cutting across parking lot                  $200                                                                       
Driving without headlights at night                  $195                                                                        
Turned left from wrong lane
Turned right from wrong lane
Disregard official traffic device
Disregarding warning sign at construction site

Non-moving Violations are as follows:

Violations                               Fine Rate                                        
Violations On or After 01/01/2020                                                               
No driver's license
Expired driver's license                                
               $310                                                                                                                                              $234                                                        
Invalid driver's license - suspended or revoked (DWLI)               $385                                                          
Defective equipment - brake, head, tail, or tag lights               $185                                                           
Failure to maintain financial responsibility (1st offense)                $306                                                         
Failure to maintain financial responsibility (2nd offense)                     $531                                                          
No/Expired vehicle registration                 $260                                                           
Display fictitious vehicle registration
Fail to display Registration
Seat belt violation (driver - passenger)                 $184                                                           
DL Restricted (Corrective Lens)                 $210                                                           
Unrestrained child under two (2) years of age                 $234                                                          
Unrestrained child under four (4) years of age                  $234                                                        
Operate unregistered motor vehicle                  $260                                                          
Failure to change address on driver's license                   $185                                                          
Littering                   $284                                                            
Possession of drug paraphernalia                   $331                                                          
Public intoxication                   $331                                                               
Open container                   $282                                                           
* Failure to appear
Parked facing traffic
parked within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
Parked within 30 feet of a traffic control device
Parking (fire hydrant or fire lane)
Parking in front yard
Parking, stopping, or standing on a sidewalk
Parking Unlawfully-Unauthorized
Parking on Roadway


City Ordinance- Parking Restrictions                  $231

* Failure to Appear charges are added when no appearance is made to the court by the date given on the citation or if no date is given, then 10 calendar days of the citation date. Please note that a warrant will be issued for your arrest when the FTA is issued.



Expired Motor Vehicle Registration - Present proof of the correction within 20 working days from the date of the offense and the violation will be dismissed with a $20 dismissal fee. (you must pay a 20% penalty fee to the Department of Motor Vehicles at the time the registration is renewed. If this penalty is not paid, the Court cannot dismiss the citation.

Expired Driver’s License - Present proof of a renewed Driver’s License within 20 working days from the date of the offense and the citation will be dismissed with a $20 dismissal fee. The proof is that paper license which will have the date of renewal.

Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (no insurance) - If you have been charged with Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (no insurance), you must appear in Municipal Court on or before you appearance date. If you have insurance, you must present a valid insurance card or policy which was in effect at the time of your offense. The insurance agency will be contacted by telephone to verify coverage. You may provide proof of insurance by mail, by fax, by email or in person.

No Insurance in Vehicles Other than Your Own - If you were operating a car other thank your own, you also must obtain a letter from the owner stating the owner granted you permission to operate the vehicle and proof that the vehicle was covered.

* This Section ONLY Applies to CITY ORDINANCE Violations

Please note that citations written for violations of city ordinances have fines that vary from $100 to $2,000. You must make an appearance to the Municipal Court within 20 calendar days of the citation date. A telephone call does NOT constitute an appearance. Court costs are collected in addition to fine costs.
For any charges or fines not listed above or if you have questions, YOU MUST CONTACT THE COURT AT 972-924-3325.