Neighborhood Services

The Neighborhood Services Department strives to meet the City’s goal of making Anna a great place to live.

The Neighborhood Services Department engages our neighbors and other stakeholders as equal partners in creating safe, attractive, and stable neighborhoods. There are four offices in the Neighborhood Services Department; Code Compliance, Neighborhood Life, Parks, and Recreation, each office impacts Anna's quality of life differently. 

photo 2Neighborhood Services Team

In this photo: (Top, left to right) Matt Lewis, Parks Superintendent; Anne Quinonez, Administrative Assistant; Caitlin Stone, Recreation Coordinator. (Bottom, left to right) Dalan Walker, Park Planning and Development Manager; Olivia Demings, Neighborhood Services Coordinator;  Kevin Martin, Code Compliance Manager; Marc Marchand, Neighborhood Services Director; Mike Wherland, Code Compliance Officer; Jeff Freeth, Recreation Manager. Not pictured: Leah Kelly, Recreation Coordinator.