Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Commission


The Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Commission is an 11-member Commission that advises the City Council on diversity and inclusion related matters. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Anna Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Commission is to promote unity and equality through education, awareness, and community involvement within the City of Anna. 

Vision Statement

The vision of the City of Anna Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Commission is to be the model of excellence in diversity leadership.  


Unless otherwise posted, the Commission meets at 6:30 p.m. on the 1st Tuesday of each month at the City Hall Administration Building, 111 North Powell Pkwy, Anna, Texas.


The Commission has established five subcommittees on different areas of community engagement. 

Current Subcommittees

  • Chamber and Local Business Subcommittee
  • Community Events and Programming Subcommittee
  • Internal Processes Subcommittee
  • Police and Public Safety Subcommittee
  • Youth Subcommittee

Board Members

The Commission consists of eleven members appointed by the City Council to serve for two-year staggered terms.

Current Members of the Board

  • Place 1 – Pete Cain
  • Place 2 – Dyanne Lockridge 
  • Place 3 – Alfredo Fernandez
  • Place 4 – Alycia Green - Vice Chair
  • Place 5 – Sinisa Slavnic
  • Place 6 – Roxxanne Aragon - Chair
  • Place 7 – Elinor Williams
  • Place 8 Gina Maria Ottavio
  • Place 9 – Maria Ervin
  • Place 10 –  Blair Rackham - Secretary
  • Place 11 – Kimberly Jones

Council Liaisons

Council Member Danny Ussery and Council Member Josh Vollmer