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Projects Under Construction

Sherley Above Ground Storage Tank Rehabilitation

Project Description: 
This project consists of the rehabilitation of a 100,000 gallon above-ground water storage tank and includes welding, metal repairs, hatch replacement and new exterior and interior coatings. The project is located at 109 E. Fifth St. in Anna, Texas. The rehabilitation project was designed in 2016 by the Birkhoff, Hendricks and Carter engineering group and publicly bid on January 4, 2017. 

The project began construction on March 29, 2017 and is expected to be completed within 60 days. During construction the tank will be out of service and is not connected to the water system. The contractor must safely contain any materials removed from the exterior of the tank and dispose of the materials properly.

As part of the planning for this project, the City worked with an outside engineering group to assess the exterior coating of the tank. The engineering group discovered remnants of lead-based paint on the exterior of the tank. It is not uncommon to find lead-based paint in older tank exterior coatings. As a result of the evaluation, the contractor who is completing the rehabilitation work must remove the previous coatings, properly contain the material on the work site and dispose of the removed material. As part of that process the contractor is required by law (OSHA Regulations) to notify its workers of the presence of lead so that they may take proper precautions.    

City staff has been made aware that the sign posted at the work site caused concern for nearby residents. Staff is working with the media and answering questions to clarify and alleviate any concerns related to lead.  The contractor performing the rehabilitation work which includes painting the exterior of the tank is using paint that is lead-free.  

Design Engineer:
Birkhoff, Hendricks & Carter, L.L.P.

Project Status: Construction Phase.

Project Cost: $70,000

Contractor:  Corrosion Eliminators

Funding Source: Texas Water Development Board funds held by the Greater Texoma Utility Authority on the City of Anna's behalf.


Disinfection System Upgrades

Project Description: Installation of a new disinfection system at each water production facility to enable the City to use chloramination as the disinfection method for water treatment. Chloramination  is a method of disinfection commonly used in water systems that is a combination of chlorine and liquid ammonium sulfate. Chloramination would replace the current method of free chlorine and provide a more stable disinfectant residual, less taste and odor, and eliminate or diminish disinfection byproducts. Additionally, the project would allow the City to blend well water with purchased surface water more efficiently.

Design Engineer: Birkhoff, Hendricks & Carter, L.L.P.

Project Status: Construction Phase.

Project Cost: $519,900

Funding Source: The project is fully funded by the 2012 Certificates of Obligation designated for water system improvements.


Throckmorton Creek Trunk Sewer

Project Description:  Installation of 6,400 linear feet of 21-inch sanitary sewer along the banks of Throckmorton Creek generally between Taylor Blvd. and Foster Crossing Rd. The Throckmorton Creek Trunk Sewer Extension is necessary in order to provide capacity for current customers, proposed developments, and future developments in the Throckmorton Creek Sewer Basin. The project will remove a lift station from service that is currently near capacity and eliminate a sewer force main.

Design Engineer: Birkhoff, Hendricks & Carter, L.L.P.

Project Status: Construction Phase. 

Project Cost: $1,214,953.

Contractor: Excel Mulching & Trenching, Carthage, Texas

Funding Source: The project is fully funded by the Throckmorton Creek Interceptor Fund using collected wastewater impact fees.


US 75 Expansion Project

Project Description: Expansion of US 75 from Melissa Road to just north of FM 455. The project includes a redesign of the interchange and bridge over the highway.

Project Status: The project is currently in the utility relocation phase.

Contractor(s): TxDOT project.  Contractor Austin Bridge and Road

Project Cost: $79 million

Funding Source:  TxDOT


Ferguson Parkway Ferguson Parkway

Project Description:
Expansion of Ferguson Parkway to four lanes of concrete between FM 455 and Taylor near Rattan Elementary. 

Project Status: Under construction.

Contractor(s): Design Engineer Tipton Engineering, Plano Texas
Paving: Glenn Thurman, Inc., Mesquite, Texas --- Excavation: RPMx Construction, LLC, Plano, Texas --- Utilities:  Bandera Utility Contractors, McKinney, Texas --- Materials Testing: Alpha Testing, Dallas, Texas

Project Cost: $1,135,640 

Funding Source: The project is fully funded by the 2007 Collin County Transportation Bond and developer participation through a development agreement.
FM 455 Roadway Expansion Project

Project Description:
Expansion and redesign of FM 455 from US 75 to SH 5 from a 2 lane roadway to a 4 lane divided roadway with a grass center median.

Project Status: Under construction.

Contractor(s): Lone Star Civil Construction Inc.

Project Cost: $12,399,737.45

Funding Source: The project is funded by Regional Toll Revenue.


Hackberry Elevated Storage Tank
Hackberry Waterline  
Project Description: Installation of a new one million gallon elevated
storage tank near US 75 and FM 455. 

Project Status: Under construction.

Contractor: Landmark Structures Inc. Ft. Worth, Texas

Project Engineer: Birkhoff, Hendricks & Carter, LLP

Project Cost: $2,629.000.88 

Funding Source: The project is fully funded by the 2014 Certificates of Obligations designated for water system improvements.


City of Anna • 111 N. Powell Parkway, P.O. Box 776 • Anna, TX 75409-0776 • Ph. (972) 924-3325 • Fax. (972) 924-2620
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