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Top 5 Code Violations

1. High Grass and weeds (seasonal)
The Problem: Any property that has grass or weeds taller than
12 inches is considered a nuisance.
The Solution: Property owners must monitor their property
and keep grass below 12 inches.

2. Rubbish and Garbage
The Problem: Combustible & non-combustible waste materials,
if they are operable or inoperable, or discarded, abandoned,
dumped or stored on any exterior property area in an unsightly,
unsafe or unsanitary manner.
The Solution: Remove from property any debris, rubbish, trash,
dismantled furnishings or items stored in public view (yard,
porch, etc.)

3. Junked Vehicles
The Problem: Any motor vehicle that meets the definition of a
junked motor vehicle. A junked vehicle is identified as:
1. A vehicle this is self-propelled and:
a) Does not have lawfully attached to it:
1) An unexpired license plate; and
2) A valid motor vehicle inspection certificate; and
b) is:
1) wrecked, dismantled or partially dismantled, or
discarded; or
2) Inoperable and has remained inoperable for more than:
a) 72 consecutive hours, if vehicle is on public property; or
b) 30 consecutive days, if vehicle is on private property.
The Solution: Make sure vehicles meet requirements of the city
ordinance. If the vehicle does not meet requirements, it
must be stored where it is not visible from public property or rights of

4. Front Yard Parking
The Problem: Parking any motor vehicle, on any portion of unpaved
front or side yard.
The Solution: Park motor vehicles on concrete, asphalt or paved
surfaces or six inches of gravel bound by permanent borders of
concrete or stone.

5. Substandard Structures
The Problem: Not meeting or conforming with one or more of the minimum
building standards ordinance to an extent that endangers the life, health,
morals, property, safety or welfare of the public.
The Solution: Maintain property and ensure that it meets the city’s minimum building standard codes.

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