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How do I report a noise complaint like a barking dog or loud music?
Barking Dogs or other types of Noise Complaints (loud music, etc):

The City of Anna often receives complaints about neighborhood noise, including barking dogs. Dog owners, please take responsibility for your pets and be courteous to your neighbors. Residents who have concerns about barking dogs or other types of neighborhood noise can seek relief by using the following procedures.

First, the City recommends that the offended party talk with the neighbor. If you are not comfortable talking to the neighbor or you are unable to get some relief, contact the Police Department when the noise is taking place by calling 972-547-5350. An Officer will be sent out to meet with you, and you can point out the offending address. That way the neighbor can be made aware that their noise is offending someone.

If that does not resolve the issue, loud noise violations are filed directly by the offended citizen in the Municipal Court. The complaint form for the offended party to fill out is available below. Simply print the form/fill it out, but leave it unsigned. Bring the completed (unsigned ) form during normal business hours to the City Annex/Police Department (101 S Powell Pkwy) and you will swear to and sign the form in front of a Notary Public at the Court. It will then take some time to process the complaint, set up hearing dates, etc. (Note: Before driving over, call 972-924-3325 to make sure there is someone at the Court that can help you.)

If you decide to file a complaint, please remember to document all dates and times that you are offended. Video or audio recording of the offense(s) should help you with your case should it go to trial in the Municipal Court.
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